A parcel of land has been gifted to the Foundation by the Queensland Government as part of their GLASS Program. In May this year the Foundation lodged a DA for the development of the first PIF House in Brisbane. 

As a direct result of the PIF House GLASS project, 3 families and 6 individuals will be taken off the street and put into this transitional housing for a period of 12 months to 2 years.

By partnering with Brisbane Youth Service, who will operate the facility, these young people will be supported through Brisbane Youth Service operated mentoring programs with the view to moving into more permanent housing following their stay in the PIF House.

Click here for more information on the PIF House GLASS Project.


Other QLD building projects providing new or refurbished bedrooms


Play + Grow Centre, Toowong

The Foundation has gifted Anglicare Southern Queensland (ASQ) $90,000 in cash to develop a brand new “Play + Grow Centre” and through our network has provided in-kind services to refurbish their homeless women’s shelter in Toowong.

With in-kind support from the Foundation’s network, the Homeless Women’s Shelter, (formerly known as St Mary’s), will be redesigned and refurbished. The outcome is to reconfigure the rooms to include 8 x two bedroom pods so women who are pregnant can be accommodated in a pod together, or a woman with children could use a pod to herself.

Utilising the $90,000 cash donation from the Foundation, ASQ will build a play area for children to be called the “Play + Grow Centre”. The new play area will be attached to a workshop and learning space for the young women living in the homeless shelter, and will provide a space for outside play and interaction between mother and child.

Mothers will be able to supervise their children while attending education programs that help them to build skills, resilience and friendship.


Betty Willis Wing refurbishment, Toowoomba

The Foundation will contribute $68,000 to convert the ground floor of the Betty Willis Wing of 112 Mary Street into seven additional bedrooms to meet the increasing demand of homeless young people in Toowoomba.

The funds will also contribute to general maintenance, replacing the floor coverings within the wing, installing a security system and supplementation for an emergency housing support worker.

The Betty Willis Wing will offer private rooms with shared facilities, along with an on-site caretaker.



5-bedroom house, Windsor operated by Brisbane Youth Services. Completed 2014.