About PIF House

About PIF House

Building homes and providing support for at-risk and homeless young people

The national PIF House Program builds homes for at-risk and homeless young people across NSW, Victoria and Queensland. In these homes, carers and counsellors provide support and mentoring to rebuild young lives.

The Foundation is enabled to deliver the PIF House Program through generous donations from many of our property industry consultants, builders, suppliers and supporters who provide their time, expertise, goods and services by way of in-kind and cash contributions.

This year we have constructed one home in Sydney with two more to open soon, providing a total  27 young people at a time with a safe place to sleep and start to build independent lives. In Brisbane, the first PIF House was built in Windsor in 2014 and accommodates five young people plus a live-in carer. We have completed two houses in Melbourne, which provide safe, nurturing homes for young people.

In the next 5 years, our target is to build 125 bedrooms for at-risk and homeless young people and provide them with counselling and life skills to transition to independent living.
PIF Houses provide a home for young people who are being assisted by our Charity Partners to overcome life challenges. In these homes they are guided to take their place back in the community to either study or to find work and eventually transition to independent living.

About PIF House

While different Charity Partners operate each PIF house, they all have similar residential programs that create:

  • a nurturing, positive place that promotes life skills, education and a transition to independence.
  • a therapeutic environment where young people have opportunities to overcome their difficulties.
  • support that helps young people rebuild their lives and return to the community to live independently.

As part of the PIF House Program, the Foundation works with a number of state-based and national Charity Partners who specialise in caring for at-risk young people and making a difference to the serious and persistent of youth homelessness. The expertise of our Charity Partners allows them to successfully deliver valuable social outcomes under this program.