Shyam takes every opportunity to make a difference

Shyam takes every opportunity to make a difference


Meet Shyam Patel, a final year property and finance student and one of the volunteers at our Melbourne office. Shyam has been volunteering with the Property Industry Foundation for two years and has helped us out at the Tour de PIF, our Annual Charity Sailing Challenge, StreetSLEEP and other events. We asked Shyam a few questions about his experience and here’s how he answered.  


How long have you been a volunteer for the Property Industry Foundation? 

I have volunteered at the Property Industry Foundation for a little over two years. I am at the Foundation office a couple of days per week, or when I have spare time up my sleeve (e.g. after I have finished studying for the week). 

What events have you volunteered for? 

The events I have volunteered at include: Annual Charity Sailing Challenge, Tour de PIF, PCA Gala Ball, StreetSLEEP, Construction Rocks, National Toiletries Drive, the Boardroom Luncheon Series and UDIA National Congress. 

What motivated you to start volunteering? 

I was looking for an opportunity where I could develop my skills, yet at the same time somewhere I knew I would make a difference. Volunteering at the foundation allows me to break up the university week. The Foundation was the perfect fit and aligned with my own values.  

What is it like volunteering at the Foundation? 

Volunteering for the Foundation is both fun and fulfilling. It has provided me with the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people and the ability to share their experiences and talents. The office is a positive and enriching environment with lots of knowledge to absorb. 

What do you think of the Foundation’s work in the community? 

I believe the Foundation’s community work is admirable and that the Foundation strives to tackle a wide variety of issues such as, collecting and delivering necessities for those in need to larger endeavours, such as, bringing together project partners in the Melbourne City Mission Frontyard project to accommodate and aid 18 homeless young people at a time.  

What would you say about your experience of volunteering to other people? 

The events are extremely rewarding for participants and volunteers alike, it’s a win-win situation for all involved. If you’re inclined or have ever thought about volunteering, I would suggest you give it a shot!  

What makes volunteering worthwhile for you? 

The Foundation makes a tangible difference to tackling youth homelessness, and thus changing the lives of many. 

The exposure to the industry’s talent pool, while working with others on solving the challenges facing homeless young people makes it a fulfilling experience. 

What experience did you gain from volunteering? 

The experience volunteering has provided me with is the opportunity to expand my network within the industry – understanding who’s who in architecture, development, advisory, management, investment and valuations. 

Apart from the collaborating with industry leaders, the Foundation has provided me with a platform to develop my soft skills, understand how large events run and how to interact with professionals at different levels. 

Finally, the opportunity has shed light on the challenges faced by homeless youth, and how we as a community can make a difference through working together. We are able to create a better environment for those who may land in a similar situation in the future.