Seeing homelessness and taking action: Monark Chief Operating Officer joins PIF Board of Advisors

Seeing homelessness and taking action: Monark Chief Operating Officer joins PIF Board of Advisors


We’re proud to announce that Stella Rosenthal, Chief Operating Officer, Monark, has joined the Property Industry Foundation’s Victorian Board of Advisors. Stella has over 20 years’ experience in investment banking, private equity, acquisitions and development across the corporate finance and property sectors.   

Stella said she’s been surprised over recent years by the rise and extent of homelessness in a country such as Australia. 

“Having lived for many years overseas where seeing homelessness is commonplace, I never expected to see this at home in Australia, a country that not only has extraordinary resources but also a strong ‘fair go’ culture,” she said. 

“It is hard not to be upset and angered at the fact that over 40,000 young people will be homeless tonight, but it is not always easy to know how to help.   

“So, I was thrilled when I was asked to become a member of the PIF Victorian Board of Advisers because PIF is an organisation that does make a difference. It ensures that tonight for some young people they will have a safe place to sleep. “ 

Stella has previously been involved in a charity that provides emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence. 

“Unfortunately, as we all know, there is a strong connection between homelessness and domestic violence, which also drew me to the work of PIF,” she said. 

The strength of PIF that Stella sees is that it channels the resources of the property and construction sector to deliver both physical shelter and effective services for young people. 

“PIF harnesses those resources for respected charities so they can ensure that when someone stays in a PIF house it is not a band-aid measure or just a bed for the night,” she said. “It becomes a stepping stone towards building a better future.  This is what makes PIF unique and where it can have the greatest impact.” 

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