New volunteer on the Victorian team

New volunteer on the Victorian team


A new volunteer, Shreeya, has recently joined the Victorian Office to assist with general administration and events. We asked her five questions about why she started volunteering and what she likes about it so far.


What motivated you to start volunteering?

I wanted to develop my skills and make a difference at the same time. I have always been interested in helping people in need, and volunteering at Property Industry Foundation gives me a platform to do that. It also provides me with a break from the architecture course.


What is it like volunteering at the Foundation?

Volunteering at the Property Industry Foundation has been very productive so far as it has given me a chance to develop my skills. It is also allowing me to connect with range of professionals and to understand the Australian work environment.


What do you think of the Foundation’s work in the community?

The Foundation’s work is very commendable. One of the recently completed projects that I got to witness was the 18-bedroom crisis accommodation centre built for Melbourne City Mission’s Frontyard Youth Services. The Foundation achieved this by bringing together project partners from across the industry. Seeing projects like this come to life is very inspirational.


What makes volunteering worthwhile for you?

It’s seeing the work the Foundation does to tackle youth homelessness. I got a chance to witness the building of the Frontyard Youth Services centre.  Seeing the end result of all that hard work done by the Foundation makes volunteering worthwhile.


What experience did you gain from volunteering? 

Volunteering at Property Industry Foundation allows me to network with diverse range of professionals including architects and property developers. It also allows me to understand the benefits to the community of bringing industry leaders together. In addition, volunteering also gives me an opportunity to develop my skills and gain insight on challenges that homeless youth face.