Hacer's phenomenal garden fix-up for the festive season

Hacer's phenomenal garden fix-up for the festive season


Last week 19 staff from design and construction firm, Hacer Group, headed to PIF House Heathmont to transform the garden. Across two days they made the entire outdoor area into a fantastic place to welcome visitors over the Christmas season. The house is run by one of PIF’s charity partners Lighthouse Foundation. 

They blitzed the backyard: replaced a retaining wall, put in a new side screen fence, created a new veggie garden, installed in play equipment and pruning and weeding. Is there anything this team can’t do? 

To guide and help with the work, these fantastic subcontractors were on the scene: Landworks Landscaping, Bowens & Pomeroy, Fieldmans Waste Management, Col Smith Building Supplies, Plantmark and Cloud9. 

Claire Wall, HR Manager, Hacer, said the day really brought the team together.  

“It has given everyone involved a great sense of pride knowing they have helped those in need,” she said. 

Tahl Collinson, Volunteer & Philanthropy Coordinator, Lighthouse Foundation, said the biggest benefit the work will provide is reinforcing a sense of quality and value in the young residents.  

“A central tenet to Lighthouse’s model of care is to provide best-quality opportunities for all the young people,” he said.  “From a therapeutic perspective this reinforces the idea that our youth are valued and worthy of good-quality provisions. A reinvigorated garden really works wonders.”  

“With almost all our resources dedicated towards ensuring the care of our young people, we depend almost solely on the kindness of staff in organisations like Hacer & PIF. Their donations of time, knowledge, and expertise ensures our houses instill a sense of pride in our residents.”  

Once the work was done, the house carer and young residents remarked that the entire house looked so much more inviting.  

Tahl said that due to the challenging backgrounds many of the young people, the Christmas period is often one of the hardest times of the year.  

“It is during this time that each of our homes often host social events for each other to increase connection and reduce isolation,” he said. “Because of the hard work done by Hacer, the house is now in a very welcoming place to invite others.” 

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