Creating homes together

Creating homes together


A great partnership that changes – and saves - lives: PIF and our Charity Partner Lighthouse Foundation have been teaming up for years to transform young lives. PIF builds the houses and Lighthouse provides the care and support in those houses. These are projects that continually reduce the number of young people on the streets.  

Lighthouse has been operating for over 28 years, in that time they have assisted over 1,000 young people and 800 of those have never experienced another night of homelessness. 

In the PIF Houses that PIF has built for Lighthouse the numbers of young people who been assisted to build independent lives has been impressive: PIF House Bonbeach (10 young people), PIF House Coburg (13 young people) and PIF House Heathmont (26 young people).  

That’s 49 young people saved from a life on the street. What a great cause, what a great program. 

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