Alex aspiring to career in property – and PIF volunteering is part of the journey

Alex aspiring to career in property – and PIF volunteering is part of the journey


How long have you been a volunteer for the Property Industry Foundation?

I firstly started to help PIF sell raffle tickets at the API National Property Conference 2018. My first PIF event as a volunteer was Tour de PIF 2018.

Where are you currently studying?

I am a final-year Property & Valuation student at RMIT University, would love to start my career in property valuation.

What events have you volunteered for?

The events I have volunteered for include API National Property Conference 2018, 2018 Tour de PIF Melbourne, Community Focus Wrap Night, PIF Charity Sailing Day 2019, PCA Annual Golf Day.

What motivated you to start volunteering?

Helping people and giving back to the community gives me a feeling of gratitude. We all have the choice and capacity to be kind and do something for those in need. If my help can make a change in someone’s life, even in the slightest, that would make me feel satisfied. Besides, it is a fantastic opportunity for me to develop my interpersonal and communication skills, and to understand the property industry from a different perspective.

What is it like volunteering at the Foundation?

Volunteering at the Foundation is definitely a fulfilling experience. It gives me the chance to volunteer at a variety of events, which always excites me. The staff are friendly, and I enjoy working with them as a team. I also get to meet a diverse range of professionals in the industry and learn about their experiences.

What do you think of the Foundation’s work in the community?

In my opinion, the Foundation’s work in the community is noble. PIF strives to make a positive change towards the problem of youth homelessness and rebuild young lives. It provides a shelter and safe environment for young homeless people. Building homes for homeless youth, as PIF’s mission, strikes a chord in my heart and it is actually one of the main reasons why I volunteer for PIF.

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