When supporters go the extra mile

When supporters go the extra mile


One of my best experiences this month was an early morning outing with Chalouhi – it’s a civil engineering and construction company that’s committed to building Australia’s future from the ground up. That commitment spreads to helping young people at risk which is how they have created ‘the truck that keeps on giving’ which is a truck and dog with Property Industry Foundation branding wrapped around it. For every kilometer the truck travels, Chalouhi donate 10c to the Foundation – and this year that has added up to approximately $4,300 - which the presented to us as part of a $10,000 donation.


That morning we met them to do a photo shoot – and you can see the story and photo here (note the novelty cheque for $10k!) What really impressed me, however, was how they had gone the extra step and bought the ‘homeless’ number plate for the truck dog. It’s a little touch, but I thought it was really creative. The effort they have gone to not only results in a donation and a great story, but by being out on the road at different sites they always get asked about the Foundation and what it does. Norman Chalouhi, John Falkner and Christine Obeid, all of whom I met on the day and who presented the cheque, we can’t thank you enough.


It was actually a big month for novelty cheques at the Foundation with Tony Touma, executive chairman from Parkview presenting us with a $300k cheque to build a house in Macarthur Heights for KARI – an Aboriginal youth charity. This is the first time that we have had a funder for a house – and it’s a welcome development! This will be the PIF House Parkview and will mean that we have 34 bedrooms currently in development or the planning phase in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.


We raise money to fund projects like these – and what’s unique about the Foundation is the support it gets from others in the industry in terms of in-kind donations of services, materials and expertise which means we can make every dollar we raise go that much further.


Our next big events are our Sailing Challenges – known in Sydney as the PIF Charity Regatta, in Brisbane the Charity Sailing Cup and in Melbourne as the Charity Sailing Challenge. You will notice one big difference this year which is that we have a national website for these events which is part of our strategy to grow a stronger national brand.


Three great events for one purpose – to build more bedrooms for homeless youth. Register now and I look forward to seeing you on the water!