Welcome back

Welcome back


In the conversations I have with donors one consistent message is that we are all - both on an individual and corporate level - thinking about how to have impact and how to give back in a meaningful way. I am no different, and last year I started volunteering as an ethics teacher at my local school.

I had been looking for a way to give back for a few years, but it’s harder than you think to find something that resonates. There are lots of opportunities for, and need of, volunteers, but I was looking for a volunteering opportunity that that was meaningful to me. Being an ethics teacher means that for half-an-hour every Thursday morning I facilitate a group of 11-year olds through philosophical and ethical issues. It’s not that easy – talking ethical ideas with a bunch of reasonably sophisticated 11-year olds is not for the faint-hearted – but it’s meaningful to me because I think it’s vital that we have the tools for good thinking.

Volunteers make up a significant part of the PIF family. We are extremely fortunate to have a large group of committed volunteers that enable PIF to punch above its weight. We are in the process of adding up the value of volunteer hours last year using the ABS average hourly rate – we think it will be over $300,000, but to us their input is priceless. So, if you have come back to work this year after a period of reflection and are looking for an outlet for volunteering and engagement then please let us know. We have a very broad range of activities from volunteering at events to joining and leading one of our committees which can be a serious and meaningful committment.

We will also have a new ‘look and feel’ for PIF early this year as we’re undergoing a brand refresh. There’s a lot going on at PIF this year in 2019 and we want you to be part of it!