The serious business of 2019

The serious business of 2019


Now January is well and truly over and it’s time to get down to the serious business of 2019. At PIF that serious business has meant working on refreshing our brand, and if you were at either of our networking events in Melbourne or Sydney you would have seen our ‘soft launch’ of the new look, feel and messaging. (Brisbane, it’s coming to you in March).

PIF is a much-loved brand and I didn’t want to be the new CEO who comes in and tries to fix what isn’t broken. At the same time, however, PIF is evolving and our brand needs to evolve with it. We currently disburse 70 per cent of funds raised to the PIF House Program and funding counsellors in PIF Houses. We wanted to make it clear that this is our focus. Our cause is building homes for youth homelessness, in partnership with the property and construction industry. We will be rolling out the refreshed look and feel over the next few weeks and, as ever, we are keen to hear your feedback.

Taking time to consider a brand is an opportunity to consider your values as well. At PIF one of our values is to be impactful. We are a small but busy and driven team that is focused on the tangible outcome of building 125 safe and secure bedrooms between 2017 and 2021 for homeless youth.

In the past two years, we have created 32 bedrooms and we have more than 50 in the pipeline. We can’t have this kind of impact without you. If you are interested in finding out how you can work with PIF then please contact our new National Engagement Executive, Claudia Ferrari who is keen to hear from our supporters on 0452 203 861 or email

The brand refresh exercise also clarified for me what the focus will be for PIF in terms of how we engage with our supporters in 2019. This is PIF’s promise:

  • We are going to give you a clear and simple message when you are talking to your clients, peers and staff about PIF – we build homes for homeless youth.
  • We are going to take a national approach – our three offices will work closer together to give you the opportunity to seamlessly engage with PIF across the 3 states.
  • We are going to build a brand awareness that will make it easier for you to make us your charity of choice.
  • We will continue to create unique and inspiring events and opportunities that provide engagement for the industry.

Tally-ho! Let’s get the serious business of 2019 started.