School gives top-class support for PIF

School gives top-class support for PIF


It always happens: when people talk about the work of PIF, support snowballs from there. Lisa Hemming, Marketing Manager, Mitchell Brandtman, told someone at her son’s school about sleeping out at StreetSLEEP – and the upcoming toiletries drive. In no time, the call went out on the Chapel Hill State School Facebook page for donations of toiletries. 

Every year in Brisbane and Melbourne PIF reaches out to industry supporters to donate toiletries for homeless youth. Then we have a Wrap Night in each city to sort and package up the toiletries to give to our Charity Partners. 

Lisa said soon people were coming forward with bags of toiletries. 

“The support was amazing and everyone commented on a what a great cause it was,” she said. “It’s a nice way to give back.”  Lisa will also be at the Wrap Night on 26 November in Brisbane. 

If you’d like to donate toiletries or help us at the Wrap Night, click here for details. 

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