PLAY AND GROW CENTRE TOOWONG: A safe haven for homeless women & children

PLAY AND GROW CENTRE TOOWONG: A safe haven for homeless women & children


The Property Industry Foundation (PIF) has partnered with Anglicare to help deliver the Play and Grow centre in Toowong.

The new Educational & Play Centre will be an extension of Anglicare Southern Queensland’s Supportive Accommodation program, which is instrumental in supporting young single women and their children who are experiencing homelessness.

Mothers will be able to supervise their children while attending education programs that help them to build skills, resilience and friendship, whilst also providing a space for children to play..

Property Industry Foundation Queensland Chairman Brian McGuckin said the Centre would make a huge difference to the wellbeing of the Mums and (typically) very young children.

“It is a brave decision for a woman to leave a violent relationship and it is crucial that we have safe and secure services ready to help them and their children when they do,” said Mr McGuckin.

“More than 60% of homeless people in Queensland are women, and the Foundation are seeing continued demand for safe accommodation where social, emotional and education needs are met.

“Women fleeing domestic violence are often reticent to do so due to concerns about the needs of their children.

“Entering crisis accommodation can be daunting for single women, but for mothers, the additional consideration of the needs of their children, including the need for safe spaces to play and learn, can make the decision seem impossible. “That’s why this facility is so important.”

The new centre will feature remodelled kitchen facilities, counselling rooms, space to host educational instruction as well as an amazing covered and secure play area generously designed pro-bono by Cox Architecture. PIF supported Anglicare by hosting a fundraising luncheon to support the project raising $91,000.

“The early years of a child’s life are the most important for development and the experiences children have in these years help shape the adults they will become,” said Tiffany Berg, Head of Fundraising and Events

“Having access to a child-friendly facility such as this, that is also attached to accommodation, will contribute to children growing into healthy adults, helping to break the cycle of homelessness and abuse.”