Hutchinson Builders BBQ gets everyone on board

Hutchinson Builders BBQ gets everyone on board


At the Hutchinson Builders Hard Hat BBQ last week, the Hard Hat Tinny Raffle was drawn with the first prize being a fully kitted out tinny donated by the company. The raffle raised $7,000 for our National Hard Hat Campaign with proceeds going to our PIF House Program.

The BBQ happened at Hutchinson Builders’ West Village site.

The tinny includes an outboard, safety kit, anchor, rope & chair, trailer and 12 months’ worth of registration.

The second prize was 10 cartons of Milton Mangoes kindly donated by Bracken Ridge Tavern. 

Our National Hard Hat Day is on Fri 30 August. Bring your team together to host events just like this. Stay tuned for further details.

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