Dentons rapping - and wrapping - for a cause

Dentons rapping - and wrapping - for a cause


Team Dentons have beaten Eminem at his own game with the rap below and they'll be wrapping like stars at our Toiletries Wrap Night on Tuesday 26 November . Get involved! 

The Dentons Wrap
‘Twas once said Eminem was the king of rap
But that’s no longer true
Cause when one’s involved in a toiletries drive
There’s far more wrapping to do

Lindy, Matt and Ashlee,
Allira and Alice will all pitch in
Helping the homeless and giving back
Without a silly pseudonym

‘Cause Dentons is proud to lend its name
To this very worthy endeavour
We hope it helps our friends at PIF
Make others’ lives a little better

No, we don’t know how to break a beat
Or fill a nightclub floor
But we can do a little to help a lot
And we think that means much more