Wyatt Projects team expands Kingsford home for homeless youth

Wyatt Projects team expands Kingsford home for homeless youth


Wyatt Projects is taking the lead as the pro-bono builder for one of our newest homes under construction, PIF House Kingsford. It will construct two extra bedrooms and refurbish four others in the property run by St. Laurence House Youth Services. The house will provide a safe, welcoming home for six homeless young people.

Jonathan Little, Director, Wyatt Projects said having worked in the industry for close to 20 years, he had heard of PIF and its various initiatives. However, this is the first project the small company of twelve had become involved with since Wyatt Projects was established in 2013.

“This particular project is a great opportunity for us to give back to the community,” he said. “It will assist in ensuring the next generation of young people have the firm foundation that is so important in moving into adulthood, the workforce and building a future for themselves.”

Jonathan said that while the company hasn't been involved with youth homelessness projects in the past, the issue is close to home.

“We did have an apprentice at one stage who was couch surfing at friends’ places as he was estranged from his father and didn’t feel welcome at his mother’s house,” he said.  

“We offered to help him with accommodation but not long after he left our company. I was happy to find that a couple of months ago that he had found further work in the trade with one of our contractors and he had settled into permanent accommodation.”

Wyatt Projects operates in the architecturally designed residential sector and in the commercial fit-out sector. It delivers detailed and efficient projects in a professional manner, with the goal of enhancing clients’ lives. The PIF House Kingsford Project certainly fits in with the goal of improving lives and the company is keen to look at other projects.

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