The Foundation gifts Marist180 a 25k cheque for PIF House Orange

The Foundation gifts Marist180 a 25k cheque for PIF House Orange


We are always grateful for the amazing jobs we have here at the Property Industry Foundation – harnessing the energy of the property industry to build homes for youth homelessness – but some days are especially good, particularly the ones where you get to hand over a cheque to a charity partner to pay for a new home.

So it was a particularly good day for our plucky Head of Fundraising, Maureen Collins, and our intrepid Office Admin, Nelson Ehsman, when they headed off on a road trip to Orange last Friday. Along with snacks and a fine selection of road tunes, they had a novelty cheque (pictured – and we also gave them the real one) for Marist180.

Marist180 are one of our charity partners that we work with to create homes for youth homelessness. The property industry through the Foundation raises the money and often finds a building partner to create the homes, Marist 180 delivers the frontline services.

 In this case the $25,400 cheque was to pay for the refurbishment of a seven-bedroom home in Orange that will house 6 young people plus a room for the in-house support specialist on duty each night. The funding from the Foundation was complemented by the generous help from Willcon Building in Orange which will result in a complete refurbishment of the house.

This money was part of the $42,000 that the Property Industry Foundation raised at Christmas time with the generous help of the Property Council of Australia, which enabled us to fundraise at the lunch. From that fundraising exercise the Foundation also gave $10,000 to the Aboriginal charity KARI and the rest of the funds covered the cost of the fundraising exercise.

Jes Stone-Herbert, interim CEO of Marist180, said she was especially proud of bringing such a significant project to life and grateful to the Property Council of Australia and the Foundation for helping rebuild young lives.