PIF Supports Leaders at the Settlement

PIF Supports Leaders at the Settlement


As part of its strategy to support initiatives around education, employment and early intervention for youth homelessness, the Property Industry Foundation (PIF) has supported the Redfern-based Settlement for the past three years.

That support comes in the shape of an annual $158,000 grant to pay for two youth workers to produce a Leadership Program for children in the area. The Settlement’s leadership program focuses on building self-awareness and fostering positive relationships for young people. Participants are able to explore their indigenous heritage and create bonds with the local community.

One participant told PIF: “It changed us and made us more confident in meeting and talking to people and doing new things.”

PIF went down and caught up with the two youth workers at the Settlement.

Phoebe Ferguson is a social worker with a Master’s Degree in Education alongside ten-years of working experience. Phoebe specializes in working with minority groups that have experienced trauma. Her passion to work with people that “don’t have a voice and are discriminated against” has inspired her to give back to the indigenous community. She says the Leadership Program has given her the opportunity to work with individuals to develop trust and mutual understanding.  By building individual plans and goals for the young people involved, she says they are motivated to change their lives and pursue new opportunities.

Tavis Robinson is a former athlete who was born and raised in Redfern and has never left the area. His former experience as a teacher’s aide for indigenous young people has proven invaluable in his role at the Leadership Program. Travis is a role model for young people in the local community and also runs a gym program for the young leaders so they can thrive by adopting healthy practices.

PIF’s strategy with regards to charitable disbursements is to donate 50 per cent towards building projects as part of the PIF House Program, 20 per cent to in-house carers/counsellors in PIF Houses with the remaining 30 per cent split between initiatives supporting employment, education and early intervention with regards to youth homelessness.