Launching into 2019 with a new brand - and some reflection on where we've come from

Launching into 2019 with a new brand - and some reflection on where we've come from


Last night our CEO Kate Mills launched the Property Industry Foundation’s refreshed branding at a launch event in Sydney. 

Kate said that the refresh was about giving a clear and simple message of what the Foundation does. 

“We build homes for homeless youth,” she said. “That’s the message we want everyone in the industry to know about us through our branding and messaging.” 

Keep an eye out for our refreshed branding as we start to roll it out nationally. 

As part of the evening Kate did a Q&A session with Foundation Ambassador Greg Paramor AO. 

Kate said that in shaping the future of the Foundation she found it valuable to understand the history of the Foundation and how it has developed. 

“Greg’s insight has been invaluable with getting a sense of where we have come from – and the environment we’re in now,” she said. 

Greg said in terms of his original motivations for working to establish the Foundation, seeing his kids grow up had caused him to think more about the issue of youth homelessness. 

“The group of us that set up the Foundation sought out organisations working directly with young people,” he said. 

“The benefits were clear: if you take one person away from drugs and crime, the multipliers are enormous.” 

 Kate and Greg further discussed philanthropy and welfare in Australia. Greg spoke on the complexity of the problem of youth homelessness. 

The Foundation also launched its new 2019 event calendar. Check it out here.

There will also be a launch of the refreshed brand and the events calendar on Melbourne on 21 February. Click here for details. 

Special thanks to WT Partnership for hosting the Sydney event.