Christmas donations help struggling family

Christmas donations help struggling family


While Christmas is typically a time of celebration with loved ones, it can also be one of the toughest times of the year. For those without a home or family to go to this is especially true. Last year, Ally Fuimaono, Program Manager, Marist180 (pictured) picked up household items donated by our supporters in the lead-up to Christmas, which Marist180 used to support struggling families during the holiday season. 

 Ally shared the story of a single mother currently supported by Marist180 who requested assistance.   

 “She works full-time, she juggles her financial obligations and looks after her five young children, who have all been diagnosed with disabilities,” Ally said.  

“While working and ensuring her children have a safe place to live, she has not had the time to source support for her children, and the items she received from us helped her and her family get by over the holiday period.”