Tips for Workplace Giving success

Tips for Workplace Giving success


Workplace Giving has so many benefits for employers and employees – and means that your charity of choice gets more benefit out of your donation. But how do you make the program a success in your workplace.  

A critical element for success is matching staff donations dollar-for-dollar, especially during the launch period. Some companies double-match for the first few months to maximise participation. Long-term, companies match donations is a couple of ways: a percentage for each employee or aiming for a specific financial target each financial year. This commitment from the company shows employees that the company is invested in their interests and values their contributions. 

Choose from two types of payment systems 

Workplace Giving can be managed in one of two ways: 

  • Through the company payroll system. 
  • Through a third-party portal such as Good2Give

If a company’s payroll system has salary sacrifice capability and you are supporting a limited number of charities, then this method is reasonably efficient. 

If you want staff to be able to support any registered Australian charity licenced to fundraise then a portal makes this easy to manage. Whilst there is a fee involved in using a portal, you reduce the costs to your own payroll system. The broader choice of charities means you are likely to increase the percentage of staff who sign up to workplace giving. 

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