Property professionals rough-it for PIF's StreetSLEEP

Property professionals rough-it for PIF's StreetSLEEP


The property industry was out of office last night, spending an evening sleeping rough for the Property Industry Foundation’s (PIF) 2019 StreetSLEEP event. 

People from across the industry raised over $230,000, supporting PIF’s efforts to tackle youth homelessness in Australia, with sleepouts occurring in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne and Sydney. Thanks to National Event Sponsor GroupGSA and Industry Partner, the Australian Property Institute, for making the event possible. 

Author, journalist and StreetSLEEP Ambassador Benjamin Law, who appeared on the SBS’s Filthy Rich and Homeless, said it was great to see the property industry involved in doing something about the serious issue of youth homelessness.  

“Spending a night on the street gives everyone a window into the reality facing thousands of young Australians every night.  

“Right now, there are 44,000 homeless people under 25 in Australia. That’s 38% of all homeless people in Australia. 14% of all homeless people are under 12,” said Mr Law. 

“We need real solutions to tackle homelessness, and delivering more accommodation is an important part of this.” 

There was strong fundraising in each city: Gold Coast ($18,000), Brisbane ($65,000), Melbourne ($34,000) and Sydney (over $110,000). 

We’re over the moon for the fantastic fundraising that everyone has been doing, going above and beyond to help us raise more money to build homes for homeless youth. 

We’d like to recognise our top fundraisers as below.