PIF joins JLL's 'Celebrating Who We Are' week

PIF joins JLL's 'Celebrating Who We Are' week


The team at PIF National Donor, JLL, pride themselves on their diverse and inclusive culture. Once a year, all teams across Asia Pacific set aside a week called ‘Celebrating Who We Are’. The purpose of the week is to celebrate this culture, as well as move out of comfort zones, seek the unfamiliar, push boundaries and embrace vulnerabilities.

One of the activities during the week was the ‘JLL Market Place’. Similar to a tradeshow, employees were encouraged to set up stalls that spoke to their backgrounds, interests and passions. Attendees were able to learn more about their colleagues, discuss opportunities to get involved, and share their experiences.

The Property Industry Foundation’s Corporate Partnerships Executive, Claudia Ferrari, was invited to attend the event and represent the ‘Community and Volunteering’ table alongside JLL’s Australian Head of Marketing & Communications, Craig McCarthy (pictured). We are pleased to report that the event was well-supporetd by JLL staff, who were keen to increase their involvement with PIF.

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