Check out all the benefits of Workplace Giving

Check out all the benefits of Workplace Giving


More and more companies are signing up for Workplace Giving as there are so many benefits. For employers it can help your business recruit the best staff, improve retention, and lead to higher productivity. For employees it develops a common purpose, provides a tax benefit and is rewarding for them to see the impact of their donations.  

Benefits for employers 

Workplace Giving increases employee engagement and motivation. It is a proven initiative for building a more engaged, inclusive and motivated workforce, which in turn contributes to your overall business performance. It can help your business recruit the best staff, improve retention and lead to higher productivity.  64% of Australian CEOs said that CSR was important. (PwC survey) 

This type of giving also enhances your company’s reputation. There’s the opportunity for your company to match your employees’ donations and enhance your reputation as an employer.  

Benefits for employees 

Develops a common purpose. Workplace Giving creates the opportunity to create a sense of unity and a common purpose. It’s an effective way of demonstrating your commitment and connection to do something together, to give back to the community and to foster social change. 

Provides tax benefits for employees. By enabling employees to donate directly from their pre-tax pay, they enjoy immediate tax benefits, plus their hard-earned money is going straight to the cause that they care about. 

It’s rewarding. You will be kept informed of the impact your donations have on the lives of homeless youth. 

It’s a team effort. The combined effort of employees makes a difference fostering a strong team spirit, collective impact and the desire to be involved in socially responsible activities.