Award-winning business founder and blogger spreads the word on the Foundation and youth homelessness

Award-winning business founder and blogger spreads the word on the Foundation and youth homelessness


In April, successful business blogger and business woman, Sharon Melamed, will be lending her support to the Foundation’s mission to make a tangible difference to the serious and persistent problem of youth homelessness.

Sharon is the Founder of Matchboard, a B2B services marketplace, which was named one of Westpac’s top 200 Businesses of Tomorrow in 2017. She also has a strong social media following and was one of LinkedIn Australia’s 50 most visited profiles in 2013. Matchboard’s monthly newsletter has 4,200 monthly subscribers.

This year Sharon will be promoting 10 charities after experiencing a “wake-up call” late last year.

“Two people I knew, personally and professionally, died of cancer,” she said. “As a business owner of a large network, I realised there’s more I could and should be doing to give a voice to the many incredible not-for-profits, who work so hard to improve the lives of people facing very difficult challenges and disadvantage.

“It’s so sad to think that every night there are over 44,000 young people who are homeless. I’ve been impressed at how the Property Industry Foundation brings the property and construction industry together, channelling resources, skills, and know-how of what the industry does best: providing places to live and make a life. The Foundation works with industry to actually build homes for homeless young people.”

The Property Industry Foundation is continuing to reach out to more of the industry with the launch next phase of its workplace and regular giving program, responding to the increased interest from those employed in the industry to give back at a time when companies are placing even more emphasis on corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Through workplace and regular giving, the Foundation is ideally placed to channel both financial and in-kind contributions from potentially millions of people working in the property and construction sector to help rebuild the lives of at-risk and homeless young people.

Find out more about how the Foundation is building homes nationally and how it helps rebuild young lives.