Make a House a Home


Make a House a Home for at-risk youth.


At the Property Industry Foundation, we do more than physically build homes for homeless youth. One of the ways a house becomes a home is through the little things.

The small details that are often overlooked that give a home an identity can make homeless youth feel comfortable to live worry-free without concern for basic living necessities like toiletries and a bed to sleep on. 

With your help, we can provide a space where at-risk youth can not only live but feel they belong.

By providing a one-off cash gift or regular donation, you can provide homeless youth with amenities that are taken for granted in an every day home:

What your donations can do for a young person

$20 - Toiletries for youth within a household

$50 - Stationary to use for study or homework

$100 - Study lamp for a young person's bedroom

$200 - Manchester for a young person's bedroom  

$500 - Cutlery and crockery for an entire house

$1,000 - Home internet access for study and homework 


If you donate before Friday the 13th December, your donation will be 100% matched by Parkview Group one of our key strategic partners.


Empower and enrich the life of a young person and help fill a house with the things that make it a home.

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You can also purchase items for PIF Houses in your state through our gift registry.

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