Gifts in Wills


A gift for the future

You can take step now that can help rebuild young lives for generations to come.

Every day, children as young as 12 years become homeless. The issues that lead to a young person becoming homeless are complex and varied. Often, their lives are emotionally and physically unbearable through poverty, neglect, abuse, and mental illness. They are left with no option but to leave home. They are not ready, have nowhere to go and become isolated.

By leaving a bequest to the Property Industry Foundation in your Will you can help to build homes or provide vital support for young at-risk and homeless young people.


Young people like Madeleine have proven that with the right help they can go on to become fully functional members of society and lead fulfilling lives – they simply need a safe space and a helping hand to become independent.

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Your bequest could assist our PIF House Program which is building homes for young people in desperate circumstances. Click here to find out more.



Why Richard and Ceinwen Lennox left a bequest in their Will

Ceinwen and Richard Lennox have spent their lives working in the property and construction industry. Like most successful people, they committed themselves and reaped the benefits.


“You work hard and have some luck along the way, but then you realise it’s time to give back,” said Ceinwen of a decision she made back in 1999 to get more involved in the work of The Property Industry Foundation.

When asked about why she and Richard had decided to make the Property Industry Foundation a beneficiary in their Will, Ceinwen said, “We wanted to leave a sustainable legacy, one that will ensure the longevity of the Property Industry Foundation so that more at-risk and homeless young people can have a safe place to call home and learn the necessary skills to build independent lives.”

While in a role at Lendlease, both Ceinwen and her family had first-hand experience supporting an at-risk Indigenous young person through the Foundation’s Rebuilding Young Lives Program, which offered opportunities for beneficiaries to gain work experience and employment within the property and construction industry. “We all learned a great deal from that experience,” said Ceinwen, “particularly about the importance of role models and even love.”

“Once you have looked after your own, we believe that anyone who has benefitted from a successful career within our industry should consider a sustainable legacy that supports at-risk and homeless youth by leaving a gift in their Will. Nothing is more important than having a home and the work of the Foundation, supported by our industry, does that for these young people. Our family feels a huge sense of pride in our decision to leave a bequest to the Property Industry Foundation. Everyone can feel that way – it’s simple, make the commitment and talk to your solicitor today.”


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