National Hard Hat Day

National Hard Hat Day

National Hard Hat Day is the property and construction industry’s day to raise awareness and funds for homeless youth.

Friday 28 August is the official day to coincide when many building sites share a RDO throughout the country. But you can host an event anytime in the week leading up to.

  • Host a BBQ breakfast on-site and pass around the hard hat for donations.
  • Organise a bake-off and charge a gold coin donation to all the non-bakers.
  • Host a pub trivia night and charge a fee for entry.
  • Auction off the flowers from reception like some of our corporates do.

Everyone can get involved.

Last year, you raised more than $225,000 in one day. That’s enough to build four bedrooms for homeless youth.

Sign-up to eNews if you haven’t already and stay tuned for updates on this special date. It’s one of our biggest and most-loved industry fundraising campaigns, we need your support.



28 August 2020


Any time that suit you


Your worksite or office, Anywhere



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